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English-Thai: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
skeleton[N] โครงกระดูก, See also: โครงตึก, โครงสร้าง, Syn. skeletal frame, exoskeleton
skeleton[N] โครงสร้าง, See also: โครงตึก, โครงร่าง, Syn. draft, design, outline
skeleton[N] คนผอมแห้ง, See also: ผู้ที่ผอมโซ
skeletonize[VT] ทำโครงร่าง, See also: ร่าง
skeleton in the closet[IDM] ความลับที่น่าตกใจ

อังกฤษ-ไทย: ศัพท์บัญญัติราชบัณฑิตยสถาน [ฐานข้อมูลเชื่อมจาก เว็บ rirs3.royin.go.th แบบอัตโนมัติและผ่านการปรับแก้ - อาจมีข้อผิดพลาด - โปรดระมัดระวัง]
skeletonโครงร่าง, โครงกระดูก, โครง [แพทยศาสตร์ ๖ ส.ค. ๒๕๔๔]
skeleton, appendicularโครงกระดูกแขนขา [แพทยศาสตร์ ๖ ส.ค. ๒๕๔๔]
skeleton, axialโครงกระดูกแกน [แพทยศาสตร์ ๖ ส.ค. ๒๕๔๔]
skeleton, cardiac; fibrous skeleton of heartโครงหัวใจ [แพทยศาสตร์ ๖ ส.ค. ๒๕๔๔]

**** ตัวอย่างประโยคที่ใช้คำว่า skeleton **** จาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
skeletonThe poor old man was reduced to just a skeleton.
skeletonDr. Skeleton is known for his study on ghosts.
skeletonThe poor old man was reduced to just a skeleton.
skeletonThe love affair is a skeleton in the closet.
skeletonEvery family has a skeleton in the cupboard.
skeletonEvery family has a skeleton in the closet.
skeletonTom Skeleton was shaking and trembling in every limb.
skeletonThere is a skeleton in every house.
skeletonThere's a skeleton choking on a crust of bread.
skeletonTom Skeleton, the ancient stage doorkeeper, sat in his battered armchair, listening as the actors came up the stone stairs from their dressing rooms.

English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
skeleton(สเคล'ลิเทิน) n. โครงกระดูก,กระ-ดูกทั้งหมดของสัตว์ที่ก่อเป็นโครงขึ้น,คนที่ผอมมาก,สัตว์ที่ผอมมาก,โครงค้ำ,โครงร่าง, -Phr. (skeleton in the closet เรื่องฉาวโฉ่ภายในหรือภายในบ้านความลับที่น่าอับอาย) adj. เกี่ยวกับโครงกระดูก,คล้ายโครงกระดูก

English-Thai: Nontri Dictionary
skeleton(n) โครงร่าง,โครงกระดูก,ซี่โครง,โครง

Thai-English: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
กุญแจผี[N] skeleton key, See also: passkey, master key, Example: ลูกบิดกุญแจนั้นจะทำกุญแจผียากง่ายก็ตรงเขี้ยวหรือแหวนภายใน, Count unit: ดอก, ลูก, Thai definition: ลูกกุญแจหรือเส้นลวดเป็นต้นที่ทำขึ้นสำหรับไขกุญแจ มักใช้เพื่อการทุจริต
โครงกระดูก[N] skeleton, See also: anatomical structure, complex body part, bodily structure, body structure, Syn. กระดูก, Example: เสือกินกวางจนเหลือแต่โครงกระดูก, Count unit: โครง, Thai definition: กระดูกร่างกายที่ทำให้มีรูปร่างอยู่

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ฟอสซิลไดโนเสาร์[n. exp.] (føtsin dainōsao) EN: skeleton of a dinosaur   
โครง[n.] (khrōng) EN: skeleton ; structure ; framework   FR: structure [f] ; ossature [f] ; charpente [f] ; squelette [m] ; carcasse [f]
โครงกระดูก[n.] (khrōngkradūk) EN: skeleton ; anatomical structure ; complex body part ; bodily structure ; body structure   FR: squelette [m] ; ossature [f]
โครงสร้าง[n.] (khrōngsāng) EN: structure ; framework ; skeleton ; construction ; arrangement   FR: structure [f] ; ossature [f] ; organisation [f]

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
skeleton (n) (s k e1 l i t n)
skeletons (n) (s k e1 l i t n z)

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
骨头架子[gu3 tou5 jia4 zi5, 骨頭架子] skeleton; skinny person; a mere skeleton [Add to Longdo]
[ku1, 骷] skeleton [Add to Longdo]
[ge2, 骼] skeleton [Add to Longdo]

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Gerippe {n}skeleton; scrag [Add to Longdo]
Minimalbesetzung {f}skeleton staff [Add to Longdo]
Minimalbetrieb {m}; Notbetrieb {m}skeleton service [Add to Longdo]
Rahmenabkommen {n}skeleton agreement; basic agreement [Add to Longdo]
Rahmengesetz {n} | Rahmengesetze {pl}skeleton law; framework law | framework laws [Add to Longdo]
Rahmentarif {m}skeleton tariff [Add to Longdo]
Skelett {n}; Knochengerüst {n} [anat.] | Skelette {pl}; Knochengerüste {pl}skeleton | skeletons [Add to Longdo]
Skelettbauweise {f}skeleton construction; skeleton structure [Add to Longdo]
Stammbesatzung {f}skeleton crew [Add to Longdo]

Result from Foreign Dictionaries (3 entries found)

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: Skeleton \Skel"e*ton\, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ???? (sc. ???) a dried body, a mummy, fr. ???? dried up, parched, ???? to dry, dry up, parch.] 1. (Anat.) (a) The bony and cartilaginous framework which supports the soft parts of a vertebrate animal. Note: [See Illust. of the Human Skeleton, in Appendix.] (b) The more or less firm or hardened framework of an invertebrate animal. [1913 Webster] Note: In a wider sense, the skeleton includes the whole connective-tissue framework with the integument and its appendages. See {Endoskeleton}, and {Exoskeleton}. [1913 Webster] 2. Hence, figuratively: (a) A very thin or lean person. (b) The framework of anything; the principal parts that support the rest, but without the appendages. [1913 Webster] The great skeleton of the world. --Sir M. Hale. [1913 Webster] (c) The heads and outline of a literary production, especially of a sermon. [1913 Webster] From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: Skeleton \Skel"e*ton\, a. Consisting of, or resembling, a skeleton; consisting merely of the framework or outlines; having only certain leading features of anything; as, a skeleton sermon; a skeleton crystal. [1913 Webster] {Skeleton bill}, a bill or draft made out in blank as to the amount or payee, but signed by the acceptor. [Eng.] {Skeleton key}, a key with nearly the whole substance of the web filed away, to adapt it to avoid the wards of a lock; a master key; -- used for opening locks to which it has not been especially fitted. {Skeleton leaf}, a leaf from which the pulpy part has been removed by chemical means, the fibrous part alone remaining. {Skeleton proof}, a proof of a print or engraving, with the inscription outlined in hair strokes only, such proofs being taken before the engraving is finished. {Skeleton regiment}, a regiment which has its complement of officers, but in which there are few enlisted men. {Skeleton shrimp} (Zool.), a small crustacean of the genus {Caprella}. See Illust. under {Laemodipoda}. [1913 Webster] From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]: skeleton n 1: something reduced to its minimal form; "the battalion was a mere skeleton of its former self"; "the bare skeleton of a novel" 2: a scandal that is kept secret; "there must be a skeleton somewhere in that family's closet" [syn: {skeleton}, {skeleton in the closet}, {skeleton in the cupboard}] 3: the hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal [syn: {skeletal system}, {skeleton}, {frame}, {systema skeletale}] 4: the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape; "the building has a steel skeleton" [syn: {skeleton}, {skeletal frame}, {frame}, {underframe}]

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