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Result from Foreign Dictionaries (4 entries found)

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: Sneak \Sneak\, v. t. To hide, esp. in a mean or cowardly manner. [Obs.] "[Slander] sneaks its head." --Wake. [1913 Webster] From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: Sneak \Sneak\, n. 1. A mean, sneaking fellow. [1913 Webster] A set of simpletons and superstitious sneaks. --Glanvill. [1913 Webster] 2. (Cricket) A ball bowled so as to roll along the ground; -- called also {grub}. [Cant] --R. A. Proctor. [1913 Webster] From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: Sneak \Sneak\ (sn[=e]k), v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Sneaked} (sn[=e]kt); p. pr. & vb. n. {Sneaking}.] [OE. sniken, AS. sn[imac]can to creep; akin to Dan. snige sig; cf. Icel. sn[imac]kja to hanker after.] 1. To creep or steal (away or about) privately; to come or go meanly, as a person afraid or ashamed to be seen; as, to sneak away from company. [1913 Webster] You skulked behind the fence, and sneaked away. --Dryden. [1913 Webster] 2. To act in a stealthy and cowardly manner; to behave with meanness and servility; to crouch. [1913 Webster] From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]: sneak adj 1: marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed; "a furtive manner"; "a sneak attack"; "stealthy footsteps"; "a surreptitious glance at his watch" [syn: {furtive}, {sneak(a)}, {sneaky}, {stealthy}, {surreptitious}] n 1: a person who is regarded as underhanded and furtive and contemptible 2: someone who prowls or sneaks about; usually with unlawful intentions [syn: {prowler}, {sneak}, {stalker}] 3: someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police [syn: {fink}, {snitch}, {snitcher}, {stoolpigeon}, {stool pigeon}, {stoolie}, {sneak}, {sneaker}, {canary}] v 1: to go stealthily or furtively; "..stead of sneaking around spying on the neighbor's house" [syn: {sneak}, {mouse}, {creep}, {pussyfoot}] 2: put, bring, or take in a secretive or furtive manner; "sneak a look"; "sneak a cigarette" 3: make off with belongings of others [syn: {pilfer}, {cabbage}, {purloin}, {pinch}, {abstract}, {snarf}, {swipe}, {hook}, {sneak}, {filch}, {nobble}, {lift}] 4: pass on stealthily; "He slipped me the key when nobody was looking" [syn: {slip}, {sneak}]

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Vocabulary List

  • ทำลับๆ ล่อๆ: ทำหลบๆ ซ่อนๆ [Lex2]
  • แอบพาไป: พาหลบไป [Lex2]
  • คนชอบทำลับๆ ล่อๆ: คนไม่น่าไว้ใจ [Lex2]
  • ซึ่งลับๆ ล่อๆ[Lex2]
  • (สนีค) vi.,vt.,n. (ผู้) เดินหลบ,เดินลับ ๆ ล่อ ๆ ,ทำลับ ๆ ล่อ ๆ ,ดอด,แอบ,แอบทำ,ด้อม,ลัก,ขโมย ###S. skulk,slink [Hope]
  • (vi) ด้อมๆมองๆ,ทำลับๆล่อๆ,แอบดู,ดอด [Nontri]
  • /S N IY1 K/ [CMU]
  • (v) // [OALD]

Similar GERMAN words suggested by aspell:
Steak, Senat, Steaks, Peak, stak, Freak, Speck, Sekt, intakt, Senken, senken, anecken, necken, stecken

Similar FRENCH words suggested by aspell:
steak, snack, sénat, steaks, neck, sema, snacks, break, semas, semât, sénats, SECAM, sérac, NEC, sac, sec

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