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Result from Foreign Dictionaries (3 entries found)

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: Shire \Shire\, n. [AS. sc[imac]re, sc[imac]r, a division, province, county. Cf. {Sheriff}.] 1. A portion of Great Britain originally under the supervision of an earl; a territorial division, usually identical with a county, but sometimes limited to a smaller district; as, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Richmondshire, Hallamshire. [1913 Webster] An indefinite number of these hundreds make up a county or shire. --Blackstone. [1913 Webster] 2. A division of a State, embracing several contiguous townships; a county. [U. S.] [1913 Webster] Note: Shire is commonly added to the specific designation of a county as a part of its name; as, Yorkshire instead of York shire, or the shire of York; Berkshire instead of Berks shire. Such expressions as the county of Yorkshire, which in a strict sense are tautological, are used in England. In the United States the composite word is sometimes the only name of a county; as, Berkshire county, as it is called in Massachusetts, instead of Berks county, as in Pensylvania. [1913 Webster] The Tyne, Tees, Humber, Wash, Yare, Stour, and Thames separate the counties of Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, etc. --Encyc. Brit. [1913 Webster] {Knight of the shire}. See under {Knight}. {Shire clerk}, an officer of a county court; also, an under sheriff. [Eng.] {Shire mote} (Old. Eng. Law), the county court; sheriff's turn, or court. [Obs.] --Cowell. --Blackstone. {Shire reeve} (Old Eng. Law), the reeve, or bailiff, of a shire; a sheriff. --Burrill. {Shire town}, the capital town of a county; a county town. {Shire wick}, a county; a shire. [Obs.] --Holland. [1913 Webster] From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: County \Coun"ty\ (koun"t[y^]), n.; pl. {Counties} (-t[i^]z). [F. comt['e], fr. LL. comitatus. See {Count}.] 1. An earldom; the domain of a count or earl. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] 2. A circuit or particular portion of a state or kingdom, separated from the rest of the territory, for certain purposes in the administration of justice and public affairs; -- called also a {shire}. See {Shire}. [1913 Webster] Every county, every town, every family, was in agitation. --Macaulay. [1913 Webster] 3. A count; an earl or lord. [Obs.] --Shak. [1913 Webster] {County commissioners}. See {Commissioner}. {County corporate}, a city or town having the privilege to be a county by itself, and to be governed by its own sheriffs and other magistrates, irrespective of the officers of the county in which it is situated; as London, York, Bristol, etc. [Eng.] --Mozley & W. {County court}, a court whose jurisdiction is limited to county. {County palatine}, a county distinguished by particular privileges; -- so called a palatio (from the palace), because the owner had originally royal powers, or the same powers, in the administration of justice, as the king had in his palace; but these powers are now abridged. The counties palatine, in England, are Lancaster, Chester, and Durham. {County rates}, rates levied upon the county, and collected by the boards of guardians, for the purpose of defraying the expenses to which counties are liable, such as repairing bridges, jails, etc. [Eng.] {County seat}, a county town. [U.S.] {County sessions}, the general quarter sessions of the peace for each county, held four times a year. [Eng.] {County town}, the town of a county, where the county business is transacted; a shire town. [1913 Webster] From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]: shire n 1: a former administrative district of England; equivalent to a county 2: British breed of large heavy draft horse [syn: {shire}, {shire horse}]

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Vocabulary List

  • แขวงปกครองในอังกฤษ[Lex2]
  • (ไช\'เออะ) n. ชื่อแขวงปกครองในอังกฤษ,the Shires แขวงปกครองใน ตอนกลางของอังกฤษ [Hope]
  • (n) มณฑล,จังหวัด,เมืองใหญ่ [Nontri]
  • /SH AY1 R/ [CMU]
  • (n) // [OALD]

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schier, Saphire, Schirme, Shirley, hier, ihre, schiere, schüre, Hirne, Hirte, Hure, hure, höre, Ähre, Ire, Serie, Sir, Skier, Stier, hie, sie, Satire, Schere, Schirm, Sphäre, Stiere, Stirne, schere, stiere, Chöre, Saite, Seite, Suite, Säure, sture, Ehre, Hirn, Lire, Ohre, ehre, spie, schüren, Seher, Sirene, Saphir, Sri, ihr, Chile, Loire, Schur, Seide, Seife, Seile, Seime, Spike, Stare, Stile, Stirn, Zaire, chice, faire, huren, hören, schor, seife, seile, seine, stirb, Show, her, Schi, Syrien, sehr, Hit, SGI, dir, Hi, Schären, Sh, scheren, stieren, eher, Ehren, Schar, Seren, Viren, ehren, spien, Chor, Chur, Shop, Spur, Stör, Thor, stur, HIV, Kir, Ohr, SFr, Ski

Similar FRENCH words suggested by aspell:
sire, sires, cire, ciré, sbire, spire, sirex, dire, site, siée, sore, sure, sûre, cirer, cires, cirre, cirés, ire, sir, sbires, spires, d'ire, sirs, lire, mire, miré, pire, rire, sise, tire, tiré, vire, viré, l'ire

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