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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: Roar \Roar\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Roared}; p. pr. & vvb. n. {Roaring}.] [OE. roren, raren, AS. r[=a]rian; akin to G. r["o]hten, OHG. r[=e]r[=e]n. [root]112.] 1. To cry with a full, loud, continued sound. Specifically: (a) To bellow, or utter a deep, loud cry, as a lion or other beast. [1913 Webster] Roaring bulls he would him make to tame. --Spenser. [1913 Webster] (b) To cry loudly, as in pain, distress, or anger. [1913 Webster] Sole on the barren sands, the suffering chief Roared out for anguish, and indulged his grief. --Dryden. [1913 Webster] He scorned to roar under the impressions of a finite anger. --South. [1913 Webster] 2. To make a loud, confused sound, as winds, waves, passing vehicles, a crowd of persons when shouting together, or the like. [1913 Webster] The brazen throat of war had ceased to roar. --Milton. [1913 Webster] How oft I crossed where carts and coaches roar. --Gay. [1913 Webster] 3. To be boisterous; to be disorderly. [1913 Webster] It was a mad, roaring time, full of extravagance. --Bp. Burnet. [1913 Webster] 4. To laugh out loudly and continuously; as, the hearers roared at his jokes. [1913 Webster] 5. To make a loud noise in breathing, as horses having a certain disease. See {Roaring}, 2. [1913 Webster] {Roaring boy}, a roaring, noisy fellow; -- name given, at the latter end Queen Elizabeth's reign, to the riotous fellows who raised disturbances in the street. "Two roaring boys of Rome, that made all split." --Beau. & Fl. {Roaring forties} (Naut.), a sailor's name for the stormy tract of ocean between 40[deg] and 50[deg] north latitude. [1913 Webster] From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: Roaring \Roar"ing\, n. 1. A loud, deep, prolonged sound, as of a large beast, or of a person in distress, anger, mirth, etc., or of a noisy congregation. [1913 Webster] 2. (Far.) An affection of the windpipe of a horse, causing a loud, peculiar noise in breathing under exertion; the making of the noise so caused. See {Roar}, v. i., 5. [1913 Webster] From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]: roaring adv 1: extremely; "roaring drunk" adj 1: very lively and profitable; "flourishing businesses"; "a palmy time for stockbrokers"; "a prosperous new business"; "doing a roaring trade"; "a thriving tourist center"; "did a thriving business in orchids" [syn: {booming}, {flourishing}, {palmy}, {prospering}, {prosperous}, {roaring}, {thriving}] n 1: a deep prolonged loud noise [syn: {boom}, {roar}, {roaring}, {thunder}] 2: a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal); "his bellow filled the hallway" [syn: {bellow}, {bellowing}, {holla}, {holler}, {hollering}, {hollo}, {holloa}, {roar}, {roaring}, {yowl}]

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Vocabulary List

  • ซึ่งส่งเสียงดังลั่น[Lex2]
  • (รอ\'ริง) n. เสียงคำราม,การแผดเสียงคำราม,เสียงสนั่น,เสียงอึกทึกครึกโครม adj. ซึ่งแผดเสียงดัง,ดังสนั่น,อึกทึกครึกโครม, (ไฟ) ลุกฮือ,เดือดพล่าน adv. มาก,ยิ่ง,เต็มที่ ###S. bellowing,booming [Hope]
  • /R AO1 R IH0 NG/ [CMU]
  • (v) // [OALD]
  • คำราม: แผดเสียง [Lex2]
  • หัวเราะลั่น[Lex2]
  • ส่งเสียงครึกโครม: ทำเสียงอึกทึก [Lex2]
  • การแผดเสียง: การกู่ร้อง, การส่งเสียงตะโกน [Lex2]
  • การหัวเราะลั่น[Lex2]
  • เสียงคำราม[Lex2]
  • เสียงครึกโครม: เสียงโครมครืน [Lex2]
  • (รอร์) vi.,vt.,n. (การ,เสียง) คำราม,แผดเสียงดัง,ร้องเสียงดังก้อง,หัวเราะลั่น,ส่งเสียงดังอึกทึกครึกโครม ###S. bawl,yell [Hope]
  • (n) เสียงคำราม,เสียงกึกก้อง,เสียงอึกทึกครึกโครม [Nontri]
  • (vi) คำราม,ร้อง,แผดเสียง,หัวเราะลั่น [Nontri]
  • /R AO1 R/ [CMU]
  • (v) // [OALD]

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