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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: R \R\ ([aum]r). R, the eighteenth letter of the English alphabet, is a vocal consonant. It is sometimes called a semivowel, and a liquid. See Guide to Pronunciation, [sect][sect] 178, 179, and 250-254. "R is the dog's letter and hurreth in the sound." --B. Jonson. [1913 Webster] Note: In words derived from the Greek language the letter h is generally written after r to represent the aspirated sound of the Greek "r, but does not affect the pronunciation of the English word, as rhapsody, rhetoric. [1913 Webster] The English letter derives its form from the Greek through the Latin, the Greek letter being derived from the Ph[oe]nician, which, it is believed, is ultimately of Egyptian origin. Etymologically, R is most closely related to l, s, and n; as in bandore, mandole; purple, L. purpura; E. chapter, F. chapitre, L. capitulum; E. was, were; hare, G. hase; E. order, F. ordre, L. ordo, ordinis; E. coffer, coffin. [1913 Webster] {The three Rs}, a jocose expression for reading, (w)riting, and (a)rithmetic, -- the fundamentals of an education. [1913 Webster] From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]: R n 1: a unit of radiation exposure; the dose of ionizing radiation that will produce 1 electrostatic unit of electricity in 1 cc of dry air [syn: {roentgen}, {R}] 2: (physics) the universal constant in the gas equation: pressure times volume = R times temperature; equal to 8.3143 joules per kelvin per mole [syn: {gas constant}, {universal gas constant}, {R}] 3: the 18th letter of the Roman alphabet [syn: {R}, {r}] 4: the length of a line segment between the center and circumference of a circle or sphere [syn: {radius}, {r}] From English-Turkish FreeDict Dictionary [reverse index] [fd-tur-eng]: galvanize 1. harekete getirmek, heyecanlandırmak, tahrik etmek 2. (mad.) gal vanizlemek, galvanizle kaplamak 3. galvanik cereyan geçirmek 4. r, b elektrikle (adale) çalıştırmak galvaniza'tion galvanik ce reyanı geçirme, galvanize etme galvanized iron çinko, saç, galvanizli demir From English-Turkish FreeDict Dictionary [reverse index] [fd-tur-eng]: little 1. (-r, -st 2. less veya lesser, least) küçük, ufak 3. (kıs.)a, az, cüzi 4. cici 5. ehemmiyetsiz, değersiz, naçiz 6. dar fikirli, geri 7. az miktarda 8. hemen hiç gibi 9. az miktar 10. ufak şey 11. az zaman. Little Bear, Little Dipper Küçükayı takımyıldızı. little by little azar azar, yavaş yavaş, tedricen. little or nothing hiç denecek kadar az, hemen hemen hiç. little theater amatör tiyatro 12. deneysel tiyatro. a little slam (briç) on üç elden ibaret bir oyunun on iki elini kazanma. in little minyatür halinde 13. (kıs.)a olarak. make little of ehemmiyet vermemek 14. pek az anlayabilmek. think little of kıymet vermemek, ehemmiyetsiz saymak 15. tereddüt etmemek. Little did I think Aklımdan geçirmedim. Give me a little time.Bana biraz vakit verin. He did what little he could. Elinden geleni yaptı. He little knows... Bilmiyor ki... Wait a little. Biraz bekle. littleness küçüklük. From Dutch-English Freedict dictionary [fd-nld-eng]: 'r her; to her atthatplace; there her; she her

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