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**** ตัวอย่างประโยคที่ใช้คำว่า ligen **** จาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
ligenHe is the more diligent of the two.
ligenAI stands for artificial intelligence.
ligenYour sister is the most diligent of all my friends.
ligenYou are equal to him in intelligence.
ligenWhat makes one person more intelligent than another?
ligenSome scientists think that dolphins are the most intelligent animals in the world except for man, and that we may be able to talk with them one day.
ligenThe dolphin is an intelligent and playful creature.
ligenThe dolphin is a very intelligent animal.
ligenWe attribute Edison's success to intelligence and hard work.
ligenThe students are for the most part diligent.

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ไอคิว[n.] (aikhiu) EN: IQ (intelligence quotient,)   FR: QI (quotient intellectuel) [m]
อัจฉริยะ[adj.] (atchariya) EN: ingeniuos ; intelligent ; genius ; bright ; exceptional ; outstanding ; gifted   FR: génial ; intelligent ; ingénieux ; talentueux ; surdoué
ชะล่า[v.] (chalā) EN: be complacent ; be careless ; be negligent ; be unattentive   FR: faire preuve de négligence ; se montrer négligent
ฉลาด[adj.] (chalāt) EN: clever ; intelligent ; ingenious ; bright ; sagacious ; smart ; shrewd   FR: intelligent ; ingénieux ; brillant ; malin ; rusé ; perspicace ; astucieux
ฉลาดสุด ๆ[adj.] (chalāt sut-sut) EN: mega clever   FR: super intelligent
เฉลียวฉลาด[adj.] (chalīochalāt) EN: perceptive ; discerning ; clever ; cute   FR: perspicace ; sagace ; intelligent
ชาญฉลาด[adj.] (chānchalāt ) EN: clever ; wise ; smart ; sharp ; bright ; dexterous ; cunning   FR: ingénieux ; inventif ; intelligent
ชาญฉลาด[adv.] (chānchalāt ) EN: cleverly ; smartly ; sharply ; wisely ; prudently ; intelligently ; astutely ; shrewdly   FR: intelligemment ; ingénieusement
เชาวน์ = เชาว์[n.] (chao) EN: wit ; acumen ; sharpness of intellect ; intelligence ; flair ; mental agility ; quickness of mind   
เชาวน์ปัญญา[n. exp.] (chāo panyā) EN: intelligence ; judgement ; judgment (Am.)   

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